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There are many good reasons to relocate your company's headquarters offshore.

Not only do Kappa Trust help companies create offshore bases in Cyprus, but they offer to help with formation in other jurisdictions where offshore companies and trusts can be formed.

Take a look at our jurisdictions page for more information.



Welcome to KAPPA TRUST... the Cyprus Trust and Tax Specialists


KAPPA TRUST's office is located in Limassol, on the island of Cyprus; at the crossroads of Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Africa.

Cyprus' location makes it easily accessible from many corners of the world, so foreign participation in the island's economy is actively encouraged by the Cypriot government.

Tax incentives and a high standard of living have led to the development of Cyprus as an important financial and business centre. Consequently, there is a growing awareness among many foreign companies and individuals of the unique advantages of using Cyprus as a base for their headquarters.

Kappa Trust provides International Tax Planning, Trustee and Company Administration Services.

We provide these services to corporate clients based in Cyprus and also internationally.

We offer cost effective solutions to business problems using our tax-efficient jurisdiction whilst taking into account the laws, regulations and double tax treaties of the extramural company.

Our team of lawyers, auditors, accountants and investment consultants can assist your company's management of its tax affairs, enabling you to plan for a healthy financial future.


Each page on this website is designed to outline the salient benefits of relocating your company's headquarters to Cyprus.

We also explain the specific advantages of using our focussed business consultancy services.

Take a good look around our site, then please use the contact form to reach us in the first instance, but don't hesitate to e-mail or telephone if you prefer.

We look forward to welcoming you to our beautiful prosperous island in the near future.

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